AutoGermany was founded in April 2018 in Edmonton, Alberta, by two friends who share a common passion for German vehicles, and have high levels of technical knowledge and experience to expertly maintain and repair them. Learn about Alex & Oleg below.

Our mission is to develop relationships with German car enthusiasts across Edmonton and provide them with superior service. The automotive team at AutoGermany has the most advanced diagnostic skills and equipment to properly handle any German vehicle repair or service. We pride ourselves on helping our customers keep their vehicles on the road as long as possible in safe and reliable conditions.

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Our story

About AutoGermany


Oleg has 10 years' experience as a German car mechanic, formerly working for one of the largest European indy shops in Edmonton as a technician. When he isn’t busy working on German vehicles, you can find Oleg skiing or skydiving – two of his favorite activities.





Alex developed his love for vehicles as a young child from both his father and grandfather who were the go-to ‘car guys’ in their area. Alex has gained his 18 years of experience in the auto industry in both Europe and Canada as a former BMW technician and BMW tech support specialist. In his spare time, you can find Alex traveling, or hiking in the mountains with family and friends.

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