Keeping your Volkswagen in great working condition means keeping up with your regular maintenance. However, life can be busy and stopping for a service appointment can sometimes be put on the back burner and eventually forgotten. Additionally, the intervals at which you perform your VW’s maintenance can vary based on your typical vehicle usage, and before you know it, it’s been too long. Here are some signs to watch for that indicate your Volkswagen needs maintenance. 

You Hear a Grinding or Moaning Sound in Your Engine 

Your Volkswagen’s oil and fluids play an important role in the performance of your engine. When they’re dirty or contaminated they cannot properly do their job lubricating all the moving parts. This may lead to some odd and unnerving noises emanating from your engine, and a great indicator it’s time to book a maintenance appointment

Your Volkswagen Shakes or Vibrates While Braking 

The brake parts in your VW are designed to last a long time before needing repair or replacement but depending on the age and typical usage of your vehicle, they may start to indicate wear. If your vehicle shakes or vibrates while you’re braking, it may be an indication your brake pads are worn, or you may have a steering or suspension issue. It is best to get this problem checked out before it damages any other parts of your vehicle and costs you significantly more to repair. 

You Notice Reduced Fuel Efficiency 

If your VW is starting to use more fuel than usual, it could be an indication of a problem. The reason for reduced fuel efficiency can vary, but common reasons can include a dirty air filter, worn tires, and bad spark plugs among others. Other issues could include faulty fuel filter or broken fuel lines. 

Your Check Engine Light is On 

The check engine light on your dashboard is a sort of catch-all indicator of a problem within your vehicle. Its illumination can mean a variety of issues, but it is something you don’t want to leave unaddressed. It is possible this warning light can indicate a problem with your vehicle’s sensors, which is a minor problem, but it can also indicate a much more significant and costly issue. It is best to stop driving the vehicle when this light comes on and book a service appointment as soon as possible to diagnose the problem. 

Just like any German car brand, your Volkswagen is designed for longevity and high performance. Be sure to keep your vehicle’s maintenance schedule intact to extend the life of your vehicle and keep ownership costs as low as possible. 


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