Finding a quality service technician to perform regular maintenance and repairs on your German vehicle is one step to extending its life and ensuring optimal operation. An important part of performing these services is using the parts manufactured specifically for your make and model of vehicle. It may be tempting to use generic parts as they’re typically cheaper, but the use of OEM parts is important to maintaining the quality of your vehicle’s design and performance. 

OEM Parts Guarantee a Perfect Fit 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are designed and manufactured to fit your specific make and model of German vehicle, meaning they will provide a perfect fit within the vehicle’s inner workings. This equates to more efficient installation times and significantly reduces the likelihood the part will fail after installation. Ill-fitting substitute parts can cause undue damage to your vehicle and affect the performance of related functionalities, resulting in additional costs down the road. 

Better Performance vs. Generic Parts 

OEM parts are designed and manufactured for quality and performance for your specific vehicle. Substituting OEM for generic parts may result in reduced performance, increased wear and tear over time, and more costly maintenance and repairs in the future. 

Warranty Compliance 

Using replacement parts intended for your vehicle also ensures the services you are performing are compliant with any existing manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle. By using generic parts not designed for your vehicle, you run the risk of your warranty coverage being denied should anything happen to the vehicle with these substitute parts. 

Longevity of Parts & Performance 

The quality of your OEM parts contributes to your vehicle’s lifespan and its overall performance for the life of the vehicle. Although OEM parts may be more expensive at the time of purchase, they are intended to last longer and need less frequent replacement, saving you money in the long run. 

Consistent Quality 

Generic parts are designed and built to fit a range of vehicle types, yielding an imperfect fit and potential to damage other parts in your vehicle. They may also come from various manufacturers, which means these parts may not be built in a consistent manner. OEM parts are designed and built by your vehicle’s manufacturer, or an authorized manufacturer who builds the parts to specifications outlined by your vehicle’s maker. 

It may seem tempting to opt for less expensive parts when performing maintenance or repairs to your German vehicle, but doing so may run risks of failure, damage to other parts, and other occurrences that cost you money down the road. Using OEM parts is your best investment when it comes to caring for your vehicle and extending its lifespan.


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