Maintenance is a key to a healthy being. And it does not matter whether we speak about our own bodily internals or the automotive ones. Just like people, to stay healthy and function efficiently and reliably for a long time, cars need regular hygiene, attention to joints (suspension) and bone tissue (body rust). Even neglected machines can be rejuvenated with new parts and bodily fluids and thus prolong their useful and merry existence. But repairs always come at a cost. Preventing a problem is always cheaper than fixing it, and BMW maintenance is no different. 

Now, if you are one who has opted for a 3-year lease, you can stop reading right here. You will never lose sleep over any vehicular issues. Leases are expensive and you must really like the new models, but it surely is efficient.  

With this clear, let’s move to particulars. 

BMWs – are they really this bad? Capricious? Fragile? No. They are just machines. Albeit complicated ones and more sensitive to the care and attention we talked about above than, say, your average work truck. They also are sensitive to qualifications and skills of technicians that service them.  

Which brings us to a simple strategy of keeping your BMW maintenance on track without overstressing your wallet.  

  1. Find a good mechanic 
    Small independent shops where the shop owner(s) is/are still working on cars are your best bet. Hired labor almost always is less efficient than self-employed one, this has been proven time and time again. Look at online reviews, search local enthusiast forums. Also note what your candidate grease monkey drives – if the car is the same brand and looks well cared for, you might have a winner.  
  2. Always buy a BMW in the best condition you can afford 
    If your car is used, there will always be some deferred maintenance, so make sure you have a spare $1000 or so to fix those.  
  3. Stay on top of repairs
    If something is broken or worn, the longer you postpone a fix the more expensive it will become. Just like delaying a visit to a dentist over a tiny hole and then paying ten times more for a root canal.
  4. When you want to “tune” your BMW, think twice and then again 
    Any tuning will always destroy value and decrease salability of your vehicle when time comes to move on. Because once you’ve done it, finding a buyer who shares your tastes and is prepared to pay for them – is way more difficult than when you are selling a stock car. Unlike your regular maintenance expenditures and efforts, money spent on “upgrades” is money lost.
  5. Do not shop for parts on price only 
    There is an unbelievable number of knockoffs that only look like the real thing but will wear or malfunction very quickly. That said, paying extra for the OEM-stamped part is not always the wisest strategy. In some instances, you can get pretty much the same in terms of quality and longevity, but cheaper. Always consult your mechanic or just delegate the parts sourcing completely. It is in his best interest to recommend the good stuff, because he covers warranty for the labor. 

At AutoGermany, we are focused on providing the best quality BMW maintenance and repair services in Edmonton. Give us a call today to book your next service, and check out our reviews from past satisfied customers.


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